Don't just take our word for it!

"I have more confidence to talk about the ‘messy’ work of OD which is informed by but doesn’t always fit theoretical models. I loved the applied nature of the course.

(It) helped me to better understand how to be an internal consultant, helped me to shape my role in a large and nebulous program and organisation. It was a very capable group...interesting to learn how similar issues play out across different organisations"
- ML, Melbourne (Applied OD)

"Greg was fantastic. Very knowledgable with a wide range of experience to draw from. The strategies he delivered were particularly good."

- Kate, Canberra (MVDWB)

'The program helped me in my role as Director, HR. I  learned to co-design initiatives with internal leaders and staff, and not to attempt to do it all by myself."
- Jessica, Melbourne (Applied OD)

"These courses are very rarely ever pitched at the right level nor delve far enough into how to manage very difficult cases – this workshop was fantastic!."

- attendee, Newcastle (MVDWB)

"As a newly appointed Director of OD, the program came at the right time and helped me to understand the depth and breadth of the practice of OD. I have a greater appreciation of the need to seek clarity around project orientation and bring people along on the journey. The coaching services were incredibly thought provoking and gave me ideas to take back and implement. Group members openly discussed their projects and asked important questions which challenged my thinking."
- Heather, Melbourne (Applied OD)

"Greg has the ability to both address my specific scenario, my reason for arriving at coaching; and at the same time broaden how I view my workplace so that I can start to see wider opportunities than before."

- Ruth, Melbourne (Coaching client)

"Authentic, vast knowledge of theory and our stakeholders"

- Lyn, Melbourne

(Leadership & Conflict Management)