Consultancy is a two-way process for understanding and developing individual, team and organisational capability

Process Consulting

Process consultancy focusses on the dynamics of the client's psychosocial system – including individuals, teams and organisational culture together with more ‘formal’ management processes, structures, systems and plans. It is an integrated approach to organisational development.

Process consultancy is designed to match the needs of the client and the presenting issues. It can involve combinations of desktop review, individual meetings, coaching, small or larger group workshops and more formal planning processes

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Team Coaching & Development

CLM provides consultancy and development services to teams that includes a range of approaches to ’team building’, including 

  • Review and development of roles, group processes, norms and shared effectiveness

  • Identification of the individual and shared working styles of the team 

  • Service review – of work processes, systems, service design, structures and performance

Planning Workshops

CLM designs and facilitates a range of planning processes and workshops. These can include

  • Small team based projects, linked to the development of team and individual capability; including individual meetings, team workshops and the development of team plans.

  • Design and facilitation of larger scale, strategic planning projects for Board level or Executive groups.