One on one professional coaching for individuals

Professional Coaching Services

Coaching assists individuals to better understand their work roles and issues - in their organisational or service context; in the systems and processes they use and in their personal style and usual patterns of behaviour. The coach requires particular skills and experience in management and leadership; in service/organisational analysis and review, communication, team development, and in the individual development of workplace and leadership skills.


The key indicators of success are:

  • Organisational support including support from the manager of the person being coached.

  • An effective coaching relationship between the manager and their ‘coach’

  • Clear coaching objectives


Coaching aims to build understanding, knowledge and skills in some or all of the following:

  • Organisational issues and strategy

  • Decision making, assertion, task focus and the holding of role and authority

  • Relationship and communication skills, including teamwork, feedback and coaching of staff

  • Management of personal motivation, performance, emotional literacy and ‘work-life’ balance

  • Managerial problem solving, systems review or redevelopment

  • Personal style or leadership habits

Structure and Approach

Coaching occurs either at the CLM offices in Southbank, Melbourne or at the manager’s office.  Sessions are of ninety minutes to two hours. We usually prefer six to eight sessions although this can vary from two to three sessions, to ten or more. The structure and approach is tailored to the needs of the participating manager or executive.

CLM also does coaching training in the workplace. Please see 'Coaching Skills Workshops' for more information.

To enquire or book please feel free to email us

Please note, due to Covid-19 all coaching is currently conducted via Zoom.